The best paths are those that take the scenic route. I've never taken a straight path in my life.

My story starts in Upstate NY where I lived until I was 18 years young. From there I spent 7 years in the USMC as a French Horn player. I was able to travel the globe and still keep in touch with many of my fellow Marines.
After that I took the natural path (not really) which led me into the jewelry industry. Starting as a part time associate, I worked my way up the food chain until I was a Diamond Bridal Buyer for one of the largest jewelry companies in the entire world. That however, was exceedingly stressful. So I decided to follow my personal passion of reviving old stuff into something people actual want again.
I love restoring and upcycling lighting, furniture and all kinds of home decor. I especially love pieces with crystals and intricate details. I primarily use various brands of chalk type paints. When a piece lacks details I like to use what I call a "rustic ombre" pattern, most often with my drippy paint technique. I use a variety of waxes,glazes and shimmers. I often use a "wash" process in order to create a faux stone look.
I also occasionally list some of my vintage items unfinished, giving the clients the chance to purchase as is, or updated/restored customized to your needs.

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