Welcome to Heatherhouse Designs very first blog post!!!

I'm not sure what to say so let's just start at the beginning. How did Heatherhouse come to be?

One late summer day a few years back, I discovered Pinterest. Oh my, so many wonderful things were on there. While I was exploring I came upon many DIY type of posts. Not being crafty in the slightest bit, I felt it neccesary to recreate something I saw. Up to this point in time my craftiest endeavor was hot gluing spiders and glitter on a wreath to create a Halloween themed wreath. So it totally made sense for me to tackle a big project. That's just how I roll. Get used to it. 

So I saw this awesome old wingback chair that someone had painted the upholstry. I was like... What???? You can't paint upholstry right? So I did some digging. And sure enough, there were lots more pictures of finsished projects as well as posts on how to actually do it. Since I had a similar chair sitting in my living room it seemed like destiny. My chair of course was stained and clawed up by cats of yore, and was missing some of the piping. Here are the steps I took:

  1. I had to get rid of all the pulls in the fabric where the kitties had sunk their claws in. So I cut them down as short as I could with cuticle scissors which made it look much better. But it was still bumpy and I know it wouldl look horrible painted so I took sandpaper and gently sanded those little nubs down. Worked like a charm!
  2. The piping was completey missing in a spot where the cats were particularly agressively scratching. Since I was going to be painting it anyways I decided that I just needed something that looked like piping. I found a thick cord and glued it into place where the piping used to be
  3. I watched a few videos and ready 20 million DIY posts, then headed to Home Depot for paint. I picked up Serenity Blue and Linen and got to work using the techniques I saw on line.
  4. Once the paint was dried I found a really cool stencil and painted it on using the Linen paint that I used on the piping and the legs. 
  5. The paint was then sealed with wax which gives the fabric somewhat of a soft leather feel. I also used a little bit of gold gilding wax on the legs. (see even at the beginning I was all about the glam)

So while I can't seem to find a before picture, I have lots of pics of the finished product. Not bad for a 1st timer huh?

Finished chair!!!

With this success behind me, I embarked on a journey of transforming old crusty and dusty items into something that someone would want to use again. Picture frames, tables, sconces etc. were painted with zeal. Even my front door to my house was not safe from my paintbrush!

So my love for transforming things bloomed into Heatherhouse Designs where I feel I "Breath life back into Life's Forgotten Treasures". But I thought I needed to specialize to a degree or things could get out of hand quickly. I decided that I love sparkly and romantic stuff, so it made sense to have a Vintage Glam point of view to my work. (oh, they got out of hand anyways, but that's another blog post) 

My line has evolved into all kinds of homedecor, but Lighting is one of my favorites. I am mean who redoes lighting?? And why wouldn't you add dangly crystals to an old piece that CLEARLY should have had them but didn't. So I'll drill holes and add just the right amount of glam to them. I of course update the finishes as well.

For furniture, while I do paint just about anything, what I love most are old vanities. This fits in with my Vintage Glam theme and was one of the primary reasons I chose to go in that direction. 

Here is a pic of my first vanity makeover. It was a stunning piece and is now residing in Rome, NY.

I think that's it for my first blog post. It turns out that writing is kind of exhausting. How would have thought? I can't wait to tell you more about how Heatherhouse Designs has branched out! Some posts will be tutorials while others  may just  about life. My ADHD takes me all kinds of places! 

Thank you for taking the time to read my post.Feel free to leave coments. If you have any questions or would like a quote for custom work just shoot me an e-mail at heatherhousedesigns@aol.com

Good night :)